These DIY Dry Erase Boards Could Not Possibly Be Easier to Make


Let's be honest: The solid white dry erase boards you get at the office supply store are just not cute. They look like they belong in a classroom, not a home. For the obsessive list makers among us, we found a five-minute solution that lets you customize the look so it matches your decor perfectly — and you probably already have the supplies.


  • 8"x10" picture frame ($9,
  • Scrapbook paper ($5 for 50 sheets,
  • Pencil ($3 for box of 12,
  • Scissors ($3 each,
  • Dry erase markers ($7 for set of 8,


1. Remove the back of the frame and use it to trace a rectangle on the scrapbook paper.

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2. Cut out your rectangle with scissors.

3. Fit the scrapbook paper into the frame, trimming if needed.

4. Replace the back of the frame.

5. Flip over your frame, and use dry erase markers to write on the glass.

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